Jenison E.C.C. receives $1,000 donation through corporate giving program | Thank you Alecia!

“My employer encourages us to choose places for him to donate to. It must be a place we are involved in or attend. I chose Jenison E.C.C. because this program has helped my preschooler so much. She never went to a traditional daycare and spent most of her time with adults. Her social skills towards other children have improved tremendously since attending Miss Powell’s class. I truly believe this program is doing amazing things for our children. I want to ensure the E.C.C. program can give our children the best tools possible to become amazing people. That is why I chose to donate to the Jenison E.C.C.”.
Pictured: Jenison E.C.C. principal, Lee Westervelt, receives a $1,000 donation from Jenison resident, Alecia Killebrew.

Does your employer have a corporate giving program? Alecia’s does! She selected the Jenison E.C.C. and gave $1,000 through her employer’s giving program.

Employee matching gifts are alslo becoming increasingly common. Companies often match charitable gifts made by their employees.

The Jenison Public Education Foundation is thankful for such a supportive community and donors like Alecia. Through your generosity, the foundation is able to build and enhance educational opportunities for the students of Jenison Public Schools.

Thank you for your support!