June 19

Unfortunately, we did not get the results we wanted on the CT scan. The tumor and liver spots grew slightly larger. The MD recommended and I agreed to suspend chemo treatments. This limits my prognosis in longevity to 4 to 8 months most likely. But, improves my chances for a better quality of life.

I hope over time to shed the fatigue and eat better. The MD said eating better would do more than chemo treatments. So, that is the plan going forward.

From an emotional standpoint, I do consider this devastating news. The realistic prognosis has not changed that much. My family is hit hardest by the news. I know they will grow to accept the situation in time. For my part, I want as much time as possible. But, the bad case scenario (tongue in cheek) is to go to heaven sooner. Not such a bad option.

Pray for me to have strength and peace for my family. I always appreciate the support everyone is giving me.

- Neal

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