Editors’ note:

This is the first post in a series of writings shared by Neal Waters. We are humbled to be able to read them first, and post them for Neal. All of the content from here forward comes directly from Neal to us, then shared straight to you.

- Chris Smith & Devin Clark, Harpeth Hills Church of Christ

May 25, 2017

This is the first post of the first blog I have ever done. The point of this is to both keep you up-to-date on my condition and tell you my story. My posts will not be in chronological order. In one week during April, my diagnosis of pancreatic cancer was confirmed, my Mother dies, our HVAC unit had to be completely replaced, our stove stopped working and Karita’s (my wife of 33 years) had her small business flood. Ranking this as the worst week of life is analogous to Secretariat winning the Triple Crown by 38 lengths.

Yesterday, I could not begin my 3rd chemo round as my white blood cell count was too low. They say this is very common. But, I hate to miss the opportunity to kill the little (insert bad word) cancer cells.

So, I will recover for another week and start next week. On June 5, I will have another CT Scan. This is the first real measurement of how the chemo is working. Obviously, I am fixated on this date.

- Neal

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