An Opinion

Or Two.

Assignment 5

In class we watched two films. One was on the ill-effects of the glorious capitalist world we live in, and the second was a documentary on the sufferings of three people not as well-off as they would have been were it not for the invasion of money, tourism and the demand and supply system of Industrial India.

The capitalism video was slightly troubling. I mean, maybe it’s just a small minority of people who, because of large debt, are forced to leave the comforts of their homes. But on a larger scale, in the grand scheme of things, it speaks ill of the grand circle that is humanity. There are three necessities in life humans require — food, clothing and shelter. To be denied of one of them — rather to be forced out of them, for a purpose that is a matter of money, is against everything we as humans have lived for. They have not taken a life or even hurt anyone; they have not done anything illegal; they have just had the misfortune not been able to provide for themselves and thus face consequences even worse.

More problematic is that there is barely a solution — the law is set down for a reason. This is just another case of the Law go against the unspoken principles of Humanity.

The second film was slightly long but justifiably so. It explored the trials and tribulations of the unfortunate sufferers of the Indian economic system, through the viewpoint and perception of the people themselves.

In school and in the papers one reads about the farmer suicides and the pathetic condition and treatment of the tribal community. But to see it firsthand is many times more disconcerting. It is partly a result of government negligence and partly a result of the flawed system where the ones who do the important, primary work that supplies the basic needs of the nation are paid peanuts compared to people who sit behind computers contributing to nothing of eventual significance. Again, a system driven by economics that is hard to opt out of. When farmers want their sons to gain education so that they do not have to go through the hardships that they’ve faced themselves, it leaves the question as to who will take over the reins of the primary (and most significant) occupation of India: Farming.

Similarly, the cultural treasures possessed by the tribal folk, the ones who have evolved in a route away from that of sophisticated civilization, are a huge accomplishment of humankind. They are the way we would have been had there been no evolution in the field of technology. They live in a way harmonious with Mother Nature that we can’t even dream of, attempting to dream as we destroy her part by part, and alongside, the cultural heritage that are the tribal folk.

It is a bad state of things to be in. At this point one can only hope that, as responsible citizens we can come together to create change.

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