These two pieces were read by Dev Blair (they/she) at the Boston Black Trans Pride March in Ringer Park on Juneteenth 2020

Good fucking morning Allston-Brighton! I say good morning this afternoon coz we know how that pandemic time go, we clearly woke a lot of folks up today! And that’s because y’all showed up and showed out for Black trans people specifically and especially! Shout to that, buuuuut more importantly shout out to us! Lemme hear my Black trans sibs holla!

Let us also take a moment to acknowledge whose land we stand on.


The Black Lotus acknowledges the sacred land where we work, live, and build community, which has been a site of human activity for 13,000 years. …


Dev Blair

Poet, Playwright, Performer. My goal is to change the culture. Here for development and practice.

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