The Incredible Hulk

Dev Blair
Dev Blair
Jul 2, 2018 · 4 min read

Once I heard a story of a white dude with a brilliant brain, conducting science experiments in the desert n what did he gain? Gamma rays lit him up n now a big green guy shows up whenever the white dude’s anger makes him come unchained.

What’s the white guy’s secret? Well of course, he’s always angry-but imagine what would happen if the scientist was black? Man, a comic of that would be packed with more facts than a Mac-now that we’ve established that, let me do a little introducin, hi, how are you, my name’s revolution.

I am the one who calls smoke on ya names when y’all spark fires and fan the flames, the one you blame, the one who claps back with not a modicum of shame

It’s war out here everyday n I walk around with armor. It’s a little too much, people say but I gotta survive the battle in every fucked up way y’all bring it to me.

I see white faces play what they think are aces n tell me what the cards are like I can’t read em.

Y’all call me angry, like there’s a problem with that, when really the problem is I won’t have kids coz this world thinks it don’t need em.

No black babies, no black bodies, yeah the revolution won’t be televised, not til television sets are filled with the jet black beauty of a people that gotta fight to survive everyday,

Hey, were you there when that white lady called me aggressive? It stung like some long metaphor, I bit on my cheeks til my mouth was sore, or maybe that’s because I’ve had to dick suck my way to a BFA, so that’s the real metaphor, my gay ass whoring myself out for white bitches who ain’t got half my clout.

People want me for my diversity, to hell with my artistry, no, they just see what they wanna see, n that only includes me if I’m tap dancing gleefully-it go step, kick, ball change, nice Negro smile, n a handshake, shit taste worse than that potato salad that yo mom make

N I’m out here feelin pressure to police myself, so the real assholes won’t do it for me.

I gotta use points of exclamation! in text conversations! to make sure you, the self-proclaimed rulers of this nation, don’t thinking I’m threatening your subjugation.

N the sad part is, y’all hear this n think I’m invincible, y’all think I can protect myself with just strong principles, but the principal emotions in my life are anger n pain, to y’all this is all just some fucked up game, screw me over till I’m strung out n drained, the only people having fun are the people driving me insane.

I get to have my fun when my mouth finally stops aching from advocating for myself n my buds finally tastes words that are sweet, even if they’re drenched in chloroform to pacify these Great White Sharks, see

My tongue loves to bicker, razor-sharp, my fists are quicker, bottles make it worse so I cooled it on the liquor.

‪I wanna live in the timeline where nothing ever went wrong‬

Without the trials, would there be smiles, would I have to be so strong?‬

My dehumanization begins when you think I don’t bleed when you cut me.

So now I gotta weaponize my wounds to get y’all to recognize my realness, do y’all feel this? I rage as I try to burn down the cage of an open channel forced shut, growling like some crazy mutt, apologies slipping from my lips like I’m sipping their piss and saying it taste like Mountain Dew, n I bet if you lived like this yo white ass would be pissed too.

When y’all call me angry, I ain’t upset coz you’re wrong. I get upset coz when you sing that song, it becomes number one on a long list of stereotypes y’all use to simplify my story when I’m the one that’s tryna climb the charts, y’all got me out here hatin on parts of myself, who y’all keep telling me to be but that’s always too much beauty for you to appreciate.

I’d like to think that even in the face of death, I’d still unapologetically be myself. Must be why I’m so good at being me, coz I face down death everyday just for tryna live free.

Yeah, so, the green monster lives in me just like it lives in Banner. The difference is when a white dude’s mad, we don’t say he’s got bad manners.

I’m taking back my anger, reclaiming it for the revolution, fuck y’all if you think negative peace is the solution. I might get through the war with a coupla scratches n a battle scar, but hey, its like my mom says, I didn’t come this far just to come this far.

Dev Blair

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Dev Blair

Storyteller and content creator publishing poetry, prose, and more. My goal is to change the culture. #Enbeauty