Election Night

Well, what a night! What to say?!

First, yesterday was better than the day before. Control of the House is now in responsible hands. And many of those hands are black and brown hands, women’s hands, the hands of servant leaders. That’s historic and that’s good for America.

Second, it’s encouraging to see that Democrats can compete anywhere as Democrats. I spent my nights and weekends purposefully this fall on congressional campaigns where Democrats hadn’t competed much or at all in the last several years (Texas-32, South Carolina-01, Georgia-06, Illinois-14, for example). By being themselves, running at the grassroots, and putting country above party, these candidates distinguished themselves and won.

Third, and very much on the downside, there was no political price paid for overt racist appeals in Florida and Georgia, and to some extent Texas. This will embolden some and intimidate others going forward. And then there were the voting irregularities…again… and in the same old places! Makes you wonder just what the Supreme Court was thinking when it proclaimed that the Voting Rights Act had outlived it’s usefulness.

I saw so many people who poured their hearts out for the midterms. Many of them were first time volunteers or campaign workers, many who came out to knock doors or canvass or call or vote because so many (including me!) urged them to come off the sidelines and get involved. And many of those very people will be feeling especially frustrated today that we gained some but not all of what we might have. That’s how history works, certainly in America. Justice is a relay race. Yesterday we inched closer, but there is still so much work to do.