Breast Cancer Five-Year Survival Rates

In addition to his work in the health care sector, Devarajan Iyengar works extensively with survivors of cancer. Devarajan Iyengar brings his insights into breast, colon, head, and neck cancers to this charitable work.

Breast cancer has a comparatively high survival rate among cancers. Cancer survival rates are measured by stage, with a focus on five years of observed survival. While each person’s experience with cancer is unique, the combination of type and stage can provide insight into how lethal a cancer is. Those whose breast cancer is found and treated at stage 0 or I essentially have a 100% survival rate. Those whose cancer reaches stage II, which means such tissue is still only in the primary site but much larger, have a 93% survival rate.

A cancer that has reached stage III, in which it has started to spread into lymph nodes and nearby tissue, comes with a 72% survival rate. The most precipitous drop comes with stage IV cancer, in which the mutated cells have reached distant tissues, but even those with stage IV breast cancer have a 22% chance of surviving for at least five years. Understanding survival rates can help some patients come to terms with the particulars of their illness.