“The Tinder Generation
Alana Hope Levinson

I met my boyfriend on Tinder.

Well, technically we met at Young Dong Tofu- which I picked because it’s delicious but also because part of it sounds like ‘penis’. I promise I am an adult.

Dating a man I met on an app was just as awkward and thrilling and weird as dating a man I met at the mall or in a class in line at a Subway- and it’s been just as rewarding, too. Though I must say I did enjoy the ability to “pre-screen” dates from the comfort of my own toilet. Plus, when someone messages you there’s no “Do they like me like me?” Obviously you both, at least physically, like each other. You swiped right, didn’t you?

To be fair I’ve also had stalkers and dicks (both literal and figurative) in my time on Tinder- but I think the love outweighs the crazy. And I think Tinder has outgrown it’s accepted definition of “hookup app”. It can be that, and it is- but it can also lead to dumb sappy letters and trips to Palm Springs and whatever bullshit this is that my partner dutifully puts up with:

Tinder is whatever you want it to be, but I wish it would stop being used as another cheap way to discredit millenials.