Some Life Stuff

Or: Devon wrote a book.

As some of you might know, yesterday I was in a pretty gnarly car accident on my way to my day job.

I’m fine. Well, fine-ish. There is nothing physically, visibly wrong with me but I haven’t left my bed for two days with horrible back and neck pain. I’m assuming it’s whiplash. I’ve watched a lot of Netflix. Written a lot of stuff.

My car is less fine. It needs repairs and, more importantly, it can no longer get me to work- which is normally a 45 minute commute. I don’t really have a choice but to quit my job. I’m not too sad about never having to dodge the advances of a creepy waiter who likes to touch my tattoos, but I’m more than a little afraid of the prospect of relying entirely on my writing for the next month or so.

So I pushed up the release of my next book.

It’s called Aspirational Hipster Bullshit, and it’s a collection of all of my most popular essays from here, a long with a few that have never seen the light of day. I’m pretty proud of my work on it, though formatting is probably lacking. I plan on releasing physical copies of it later but right now I had to push the ebook out as fast as I could. It should be available in about 12 hours in the Kindle store. Also, my Patreon supporters will receive a link as soon as it’s ready for a free copy.

Also, my first book, Kaijin, is also available. It’s mostly about demons eating boys, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I have 2000 amazing followers and I am so grateful every day that anyone wants to read my stories about boys with good hair and diet coke and dead friends, let alone TWO. MOTHERBITCHING. THOUSAND. That blows me away. That’s unreal.

If my work has ever touched you, I am asking you please to help support an independent artist- if that’s buying a book or simply sharing a link, I’m grateful. I’m more than grateful. Writing is the only thing that matters to me and, right now, it happens to be my only means of supporting myself.

Thank you,


Edit: My book is now up on the Kindle store! Please bear in mind I had to rush this through, so if you do find any formatting issues, please let me know so I can fix it. Also, if you enjoyed the book, please leave a review! Thanks, guys.

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