Some things to look forward to:

  • Witch I Might Be is returning after a long (laptop-less) hiatus. Reread the first installment to prep yourself for my first public foray into serial fiction.
  • Demeaning Things I’ve Done for Money — An ongoing series about sidehustles, creepy customers, pastor-baristas and poorly-ventilated warehouses full of nutrition bars and sexual harassment.
  • The Unexpurgated Blog of Millenial Anais Nin — This is exactly what it sounds like.

Why am I telling you this? Why am I clogging up your reading lists?


I am a gross anxious turd and if I don’t break my work up into bite-size pieces and implement some system of accountability, I will just go to bed. Not because I’m tired, but just because I don’t want to deal with my weekday-not-a-rock-star-writer-but-instead-office-toilet life. A hibernation but for neurotic creatives instead of bears.

I’m getting off track.

Point is, there are some new stories coming. And if they aren’t coming fast enough, please yell at me.

But, like, be nice about it.

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