Devon Henry
Apr 3, 2016 · 1 min read

I went to a masquerade orgy ball organized by a former Serbian crime boss.

I met an older white guy growing weed somewhere unlikely.

Depressing photos of Karaoke bars in K-Town shot with excessive flash.

Do these eyebrows make me look disaffected?

Photos of Ukranian teenagers smoking Parliament 100s.

Something about periods.

I spent a week eating only weed brownies because what is my job?

Here’s a weird thing I found on Youtube.

NSFW: We found a collection of 19th century Austrian Erotic Photography. It’s mostly pictures of ankles and saggy 19th century butts.

I met a medium at Coney Island who channeled Abraham Lincoln for me.

NOISEY: The Unlikely Genius of early 00s Mattel PC games that also doubled as audio CDs.

What it’s like to always have to be the smartest guy at a party.

Something something young, white conventionally attractive blogger writing about feminism and sex

WAKE UP SHEEPLE: 39 Photos of Edward Norton looking smug in Fight Club

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