I love discovering new music, so I usually do it for fun. Sure, I find it difficult to come across fresh and evergreen tunes which will end up in my playlist but, once in a while, out of the blue, I find some good beats to listen to. Meanwhile, I have developed few ways to hunt down some new tracks, so you can take some time to read them and learn about refreshing your playlist this year.

1. Recruit Your Friends To Discover New Music

Remember, the real friends are who will never leave you in bad times, and will share the music you’ll definitely love in good times.
I’ve developed a friend list to whom I share my discoveries on a regular basis. More or less, I know their taste match mine and there’s a chance they will enjoy the song I’ve sent. I even aim for more, I’m trying to send them the songs they will get obsessed with. It creates some leverage over them; they feel obligated to share back their exciting discoveries. And they actually share!
It’s like you have an intelligence agency working for you to search and provide the music that you’ll most likely love. You can recruit your agents simply by asking them to tell you three of their current favorite tracks on their playlist. If 2 out of 3 matches your taste, then they are ready for the job.
So, become a ‘dope’ supplier to your friends and you’ll definitely get rewarded back!

2. Ask Shazam What Song Is Playing

If you want to discover new music with some Artificial Intelligence style, use Shazam! I remember those days in the previous decade, when I couldn’t believe there was a software that could recognize any song, simply by recording small part of it from the source. Nowadays, more than 100 million people, including me, use Shazam to identify the music they hear on radio or anywhere else. You get not only the artist and song title identified, but also a lyric in karaoke style, synced with a song playing. All identified songs are listed in history so you can look back whenever you need.
I recommend an even faster way. You can simply ask Shazam-powered Siri (on iOS 8+) — “What song is this?” and it will give you the information instantly. Do not to ask Siri to sing it and remember to take a screenshot of the result screen, because Siri doesn’t keep the search history.

3. Listen to the Beats 1 Radio

It is easy to discover new music with Beats 1 radio. This curated radio station streaming on Apple Music platform is free to listen and features many great “beats” you’ve probably never heard of but will catch your ear right-away. The best part is that you actually see the artist and the song title on the screen, and you can even add it in your music list if you have an Apple Music subscription.
You can also listen to specialized radio stations inside the app, organized by genres and styles. You can enjoy the similar feature on Spotify too.

4. Use Your Music App’s Built-in Radio Tool

You can always start a ‘radio’ from your favorite song, so your streaming app will add similar songs to the queue. There’s a big chance you’ll find something noteworthy.
Both Apple Music and Spotify support this feature and can even improve your queue by receiving your feedback — whether you liked the previous suggestion or not.

5. Use Spotify Playlists

Another good way to discover catchy tracks are Spotify’s mood tailored playlists. Starting from “Evening Chill” ending with “Hardcore Workout” you will find lists that will definitely feature some interesting tracks for you. Try to listen to them according to your mood and situations, so it clicks with you.

6. Download YouTube Music App

I absolutely loved this app from the day 1. Not only you can watch the music videos on YouTube, but you also can switch to audio only mode. It can also continue playing video in the background while you switch to another app (for example if you’re messaging simultaneously).
It has an amazing algorithm for understanding your taste, so it suggests the next music video very close to your expectations. At least that’s what happened in my case. Consequently, I couldn’t stop listening and watching all night. I never doubted Google’s tracking and interest-detecting capabilities though.

7. Digg In Your Favorite Artist’s Albums

Another way to expand your playlist and discover unheard gems from the artists you already know and like, is to go into their albums and listen to each and every song for at least a few seconds.
Go ahead and open your current playlist, see which artists are dominating there and start exploring all their albums. It’s fun and very enlightening.

8. Go Social!

Last but not least, go on social media and see what’s going on there. You can follow people on Spotify and see what they are listening to.
Search for music on Twitter, Facebook and again on YouTube. Take a look on SoundCloud, some independent works are hanging-out there. Also check out Undrtone.com, I’ve discovered this web app recently and it already gave me some good songs.

I’m pretty sure there are plenty more ways to discover new music. If you know some of them, please share it with me.

Cheers! I wish you a discovery of fresh and enjoyable music!

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