The Magic of Existence

Haven’t you ever thought how alike Neurons in your brain are to the Universe? (Points to all who, as a child, thought we lived inside a giant’s brain!)

As how there is two sides to a coin, there is duality in everything that exists.

If you think of it, this is what Spirituality is based on, taking us through the reality of both sides. If you think a little more, you’ll notice that Science isn’t way behind this concept either! You’re asking me how? Well, read on!

The Duality of Particles

If you don’t know what this entails, don’t worry. It’s a little bit of Science, but not so much that flies way over your head.

My “The favourite scientists of all times” list includes De Broglie, Bohr, Bose and Einstein, Einstein being the most favourite (We both had learning disabilities as kids!). Now, three of these amazing people worked a lot in the field of physics, and their work shows the Duality of Particles; or as I call it, Magic.

This duality paradox, in simple words just mean -

Every Particle exhibits wave nature

Meaning, particles not only behave as particles, but also as waves.
Meaning, particles are waves.
Meaning particles aren’t particles.
Meaning, MIND = BLOWN.
Meaning, go refer to this for better explanation because clearly I haven’t done a good job at it!


Coming back to my point, what the topic above means is that every single atom in our body could also be considered as a wave. That is, every single atom in our body is MAGIC.

Hence, whatever we see around us are MAGIC over MAGIC, and MAGIC combined with more MAGIC.

I’m pretty sure you’re thinking “What is this kid even talking about?”

Well, the whole point is that, whatever we see around us, they’re all just abstractions over these tiny bits of MAGIC.

Now consider this. If something behaves as a particle can be a wave, does it really exist at all? Or is it just an illusion? Or as the Indians call it, Maya?
Personally, I consider it to be an illusion.

And there you have it — Science meets Spirituality.

Science Meets Spirituality

While many scientists argue against the existance of a greater power in this world, it isn’t uncommon to see the opposite.

Take Bose and Einstein for example. If you read more about them, you’ll realize that they realized Spirituality through Science, and there isn’t anything that excites me more.

The only difference I can find is that Spirituality has a philosophical take at concepts, whereas Science takes a Mathematical approach.

Whereas some tend to find the philosophy convincing, others need numbers. And trust me, I don’t blame either — I think I’m a mixture of both!

What’s the whole point of this?

Well, life is beautiful. It is so much more than what we see around.
We’re all made of the same substance and matter — Under the Skin, we’re all kin, Everyone and everything.

So take it slow.

Life is an abstract play;
Meant for bigger intentions; 
Run by bigger forces.

And guess what? This bigger force, is within all of us. Don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t go as planned. After all, these are all but Illusions.

There’s as much to us inside, as there is outside!


Thanks for taking the effort to read till the end!
Did you like that? Or was it just too much BS? 
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