Are You A Coffee Addict?

Do you wake up eager to make coffee?

Are you unable to even speak to someone before you’ve had at least a half a cup?

Believe me — I’ve been there. There was a time where I’d have mainlined it if I could, just to get through the day-to-day hustle. These days, however, I can enjoy it and don’t feel like the “more is better” philosophy is the only way to consume it.

Caffeine addiction is as strong as any other, but luckily, it’s not as hard to kick as you might think.

Don’t plan on going cold turkey — that can set you up for failure, headaches and a really bad attitude. You don’t even have to give it up completely.

Instead, follow the guidelines in this article to curb your intake and start feeling better and less reliant on caffeine to get you through your day.

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