Day 1 of #selfeducate: My Current Tax Situation!

It’s Day 1 of #selfeducate and you were all excited to know what I would pick for my very first topic!

Sorry to disappoint. I know taxes are boring/confusing/irritating. I realize that I may have zero readers today. However, I stand by my decision. Having recently moved abroad, my tax situation has become more ambiguous.

So the first thing I did was google California taxes because I know embarrassingly little about being an adult. After reading a fairly simple summary, I jumped straight into taxes for expats.*

Each state has different requirements for expats. Figures. Anyway, I read this and shed a tear:

This finding turned my first #selfeducate day into a pretty short one. I do plan on returning home to CA at some point, so it looks like I’ll be paying CA taxes, otherwise known as some of the highest taxes in the US. Meanwhile I make no money because I’m an aupair. Currently fretting for my financial future.

The good news here is that I won’t have to pay German taxes (even higher than CA taxes) because I make no money yayyy. Thank you, Germany, for your mercy.

*Shoutout to google. You rock.