I’m Not A Sexist, I Just Don’t Like Hillary Clinton for a Bunch of Sexist Reasons
Megan Ford

Big surprise, another hit piece picking on liberals who don’t like Hillary by calling them “sexist” that doesn’t say anything about the real reasons most people don’t like Hillary: she is a quintessential lying politician, funded by corporate money, who participates in the revolving door. You kind of have to be on a sanctimonious tirade that misses the point to not include those three things on a list about why people don’t like her, even a sarcastic one.

After 30 years of taking a shelling from the ruling class, America is just sick of that type. It’s not “sexist” to be tired of corporate shills in public office. Take away the sarcasm and your last paragraph was dead-on. The ONLY reason to vote for that scumbag is because she is not Trump (she really “lucked out” in that regard). And then the only WAY to do it is while making it clear that one only does so reluctantly, all while wondering if the Democrats will EVER get the message.

She’s garbage, and and the fact that we elected men from the past who were just as garbage (which is debatable, by the way, no candidate in history has carried this much corrupt baggage into their presidential bid WITHOUT already being an incumbent) is not a reason to keep repeating that mistake just because it comes in the form of a woman this time. In fact, it’s safe to say that Hillary’s candidacy is a cynical bet by the ruling class that people like you wouldn’t much care if we elected another corporate shill who would preserve the status quo, and might even see that candidacy as “progressive” so long as the candidate wasn’t a man. Good job falling for it.

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