Guys, if Hillary is the candidate, BERNIE’s supporting her.
Ann Klefstad

I was talk talking about the primary. Elizabeth Warren has already very publicly demonstrated her contempt for Trump, so it’s pretty obvious whom she’ll support in the general election. This article is about where Warren stands in the Democratic schism.

But about the general election, there are different types of “support.” There is supporting someone as the “least worst option” which is an unfortunate reality of America’s horrible electoral system. Then there is abandoning what you stand for to make a show of being enthusiastic for someone who is the antithesis of your own beliefs (namely, Wall Street’s abuses). And yes, doing the latter would make me question where she stands on issues she has professed to care about. You don’t rail against Wall Street for years, then wholeheartedly support someone as inundated with Wall Street money as Hillary Clinton, and maintain credibility on that issue. Even in a political system as convoluted as ours, that’s simply not how integrity works.

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