Does the same go for when Sanders endorses Clinton?
Frank Chiaramonte

I’m obviously talking about the primary. Sanders will support the Democratic nominee in the general election to prevent a Trump presidency. It’s safe to presume Warren will do the same given her very public hostility towards Trump. So no, I’m not going to crucify them for that. In order for your hypothetical to be worth entertaining there has to be a snowball’s chance in hell of Bernie supporting Hillary before the primary is over. There isn’t.

That said, there are different kinds of “support.” There is supporting someone as the “least worst option,” then there is abandoning your own platform to wholeheartedly line up endorse your opponent’s. If Bernie does the latter, then yeah, he will lose my support. But he’s not going to, he’s been talking about the same things for 50+ years, there’s not a chance he stops doing so now.

To be clear, I have believed in Bernie’s policy platforms since long before he became nationally prominent. I’ll believe the same things long after he’s gone. My thoughts and feelings about American politics are in no way dependent upon Bernie’s presence.

But I imagine your question was just a rhetorical way of trying to brand me a hypocrite. Nice try.

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