Once again, Bernie supporters demonstrate their authoritarianism by demanding everyone kowtow to…
Tom Christy

Once again, Clinton supporters demonstrate that they don’t actually understand what is going on in this election. There is a difference between swallowing your pride and working with someone when you have to after the election, and failing to take a stand for something you profess to believe in (economic and social justice) when you have the chance. Warren is currently doing the latter, don’t excuse her by conflating her actions with the former.

It’s not “kowtowing” to voice solidarity with someone who is openly advocating for everything you have claimed to support since the start of your political career. Bernie and this election are the first real chances in decades that progressives have had to consolidate, develop a sense of their electoral strength, and push causes in a way that can’t be brushed aside. It’s the first time in years that progressive rhetoric has had a chance to take a step further and actually challenge the political system for a seat at the table and affect change. Sidelining yourself and hedging in this moment is tantamount to admitting that you have been “all talk” this entire time.

This isn’t complicated, if you only side with a group when it has no chance of winning, then your support is functionally meaningless, that’s a quintessential example of being “all talk.” Warren has built a brand as being an honest and trustworthy public servant, she’s set a high standard for herself, she shouldn’t get a “pass” on how her equivocating looks to progressives who need her in this fight. But leave it to a Clinton supporter to reduce my concerns about all of that to a gripe about whether or not Warren “worships Sanders” enough. You guys really have missed the point of this historical moment, like Warren herself to a certain degree.

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