Bernie is a 1%er, too.
Cindy Van Vreede

You’re entitled to your own opinion, you’re not entitled to your own facts. Bernie is NOT a member of the 1%. He could be, with his position in politics, but he isn’t because he hasn’t cashed in, that’s why we love him. Even if he was, that would really be beside the point, he has demonstrated where he stands with his actions. Warren hasn’t. To that end, speculation about what motivates her hedging is fair game.

I don’t know what you were being sarcastic about. I actually hadn’t thought about a couple of the things you mentioned She knew what Hillary was before this election started. She built her political career railing against Wall Street, but then turns around and says that one of the Democrats most closely connected with Wall Street (who was taking “speaking fees” from Goldman Sachs at the time) should run for president. If you take away the sarcastic tone, you just made some good points about why Warren might not be trustworthy.

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