Here are several most commonly-seen mistakes in interaction design process:

1. Immediately start to drawing when the product manager put forward a needs.

2. Check competitor products during the design process while there is no specific category.

3. Be obsessed with some design details too much

4. Submit a design scheme without any design process but only results.

Mistakes above may lead to consequences below:

1. Getting lost in problem solving or linger on the surface of the problem forever.

2. Relying too much on brainstorming without theory guidance.

3.Often being challenged by others but cannot convince them with objective…

It has been 10 years since iOS was born in 2007. The sedimentary accretion of technology over last 10 years has ensured an active sharing environment but at the same time also has created a barrier for screening out the valuable knowledge. Taking iOS architecture as an example, I will comb through four most frequently applied architectures and analyze the current situation of ios App ui design on a larger scale. To some extent, I believe that techniques should be ahead of business. In other words, developers should be prepared for that change in advance. How the business direction will…

UI design is attractive due to the universality of the UI design principles. It is the ultimate creative game within the rules. To add meaning and value to the product, designers with need-to-know UI skills subtly dance on a filament when many factors are vague and uncertain. Here is a list of principles which precisely exist for such kind of art.

1.The axis

The axis is the most essential and common concept in UI design principle and the core of organizing interface structure. Frankly speaking, an axis is commonly seen in the using of symmetric structure elements. When the elements are distributed…

As designers, 80% of our work is about bringing forth new ideas while 20% is all about repetitive and mechanic work. So, is there a method to guarantee that our designs are not outcomes of mere repetition? Yes, it’s definitely something we are all capable of doing as long as we resort to some external resources, such as some user experience tools.

Recently, I’ve been to an off-line activity in silicon valley. When I come back, many readers write to ask me: Why the designers in silicon valley are so fast in work? How can they accomplish a complete design…

Oh boy, how things have changed in the past few years. Two years ago, mobile app professionals were still clinched with issues regarding gestures. Interactions were still thumb-focused and they were just beginning to realize the potential ofminimalist design.

Fast-forward two years and the challenges and aspirations mobile app professionals have today are utterly, completely different. Artificial intelligence, chat-oriented interfaces, responsive designs, virtual and augmented reality, are all occupying the minds of developers everywhere. This shows just how quickly things move in the mobile app universe. …

Here are several typical UX designer interview questions. You are suggested to read them carefully and make advance preparation if you want to pass your interview successfully.

In addition, please pay special attention that there isn’t only one absolutely correct answer to any question. Whatever question you are faced with, you can speak out your point of view combined with the experience from the actual projects you have made before. So let’s read the following UX design interview questions and answers.

1. What do you think of interaction design and user experience? What’re the differences between the two?

If the interviewer asks you this kind of UX designer interview questions, he/she doesn’t intend to test your memory…

What is A User Persona?

User persona is a method / tool created in product design & development process to represent the characters of a group pf people. It answers the questions like “For whom we design the product?” and “What are the characters of this group of people?” which enable the product made to meet the real needs of its users. User personas also make the product design process easier by offering a vivid character of users.

User Persona vs. User Market Segmentation

User Persona is different from “User Market Segmentation”, the latter is to analyze users’ behavior based on their characters and mentality; the former focuses more on “How…

Replacing the PC devices, the mobile is becoming the most popular devices to access the Internet. So web designers encountered a problem that how to present the same web page on different sized devices? Don’t worry, the emerging of adaptive web design fixed this problem perfectly. This article will introduce some basic knowledge and great adaptive web design examples.

1. Principle: What is the Adaptive Web Design?

In 2011, a web designer, Aaron Gustafson, gave a definition of Adaptive Web Design (AWD) in his book, Adaptive Web Design: Crafting Rich Experiences With Progressive Enhancement. It is also known as progressive enhancement of a website.

Adaptive design means to…

Before getting into the details of responsive web design guidelines, let’s have a short background introduction. The responsive web design, firstly put forward by Ethan Marcotte, is not just about the adaptiveness of screen resolution or the auto-scaling of pictures. Instead, it’s more like a new way of thinking where designers need to consider many factors, such as the device performance, Dom node number and the screen size, etc. Following are several responsive web design techniques for your reference.

How about responsive product design?

The responsive design is out of the product design, which requires the engagement of product managers, interaction designers as well as…

For students, one of the most significant stages is the transition from student to workers. The internship represents a major first step as a professional user experience designer. Internships are a great opportunity to know the field and explore the great career potential in a very short time. But the employment requirement often scares away many new comers at the first step of applying for a user experience design internship.

We can usually read a UX intern job description posting like this: “More than 7 years of UX design expertise, good at interactive design, front-end web development …”

These requirements…

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