“Trump doesn’t deserve what he got”

Lets keep this short and simple….

Give up now itself if you are hating on the RICH. Just because they’re more privileged than you it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it or you deserve it. If you deserved it you’ve already gotten what you wanted. The rich absolutely deserve what they got. And you got what you deserved.

Trump said “My father gave a small loan of a million dollars”. How many stupid people win a lottery of 10 million dollars and lose it all. Almost all do. Trump knew the game. He played it right. I’m not a democrat or a republican but I know when people make smart financial decisions.

For god sake, some of you can’t even save 100 dollars a month regardless of your income.

Bottom-line, if you want something you gotta be disciplined, focused and grind without losing motivation to get what you want.