It’s weird. Think about it.

Every job in the world comes with some training- a college degree or at least a period of basic hand-holding before you are handed full responsibility.

Not so for parents!

In fact, the funny thing is- you merit the title only after you already have a screaming, 5-ish pound mass of life in your arms already!


You have just been made responsible for another human life. You will work in 24-hour shifts. Immediate responsibilities include- Feeding them, clothing them, cleaning after them and trying to get them to sleep. You will perfect the art of guessing what your (highly…


April 10, 2018 4 min read

Men and women run their businesses in very different ways. The differences in their styles of starting and growing their businesses show up right from the word “go,” according to Women Business Owners’ Access To Capital Literature Review, a new study by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress under an Interagency Agreement with the National Women’s Business Council.

According to research conducted by economist Alicia Robb, founder and CEO of Next Wave Ventures, and University of Hartford finance professor Susan Coleman, men and women differ in the forms they adopt to raise capital…

The role of women in the workplace has assumed enormous proportions. The Economist named the economic empowerment of women as one of the most remarkable revolutions of the past 50 years. Women contribute more than $3 trillion to the economy and own over 36 percent of all businesses. Companies with women founders have performed 63 percent better than all-man teams and have also received higher valuations.

Despite these remarkable statistics, startups with women founders received only 2 percent of the entire venture capital funding last year. While no startup has it easy with funding, women seem to have it particularly…

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Remember that old saying? That came from a time when most people met face to face. Now, in the digital age, your first impression precedes you.

Everything about your online presence from your social media profiles to your status messages, your opinions to your articles and tweets, everything you publish online is a small reflection of who you are as a person. Today, before anyone meets you in person, they spend a few minutes on Google to determine who you are, what you stand for and just about anything…

We hear it over and over again. We hear it in the form of the “lean-in” message or in the form of companies instituting parent-friendly policies to encourage women employees. We hear it when economists agree”economic empowerment of women across the rich world is one of the most remarkable revolutions of the past 50 years”. We hear it when we see statistics flashing that women contribute $3 trillion to the economy.

We hear that women are the rising tribe of entrepreneurs. That they own 36% of all businesses. That the golden age for women entrepreneurship has begun.

Yet, we come…

Let’s just suppose you are a working couple with two kids.

You are most likely two people waking up to mad mornings, dashing to the creche, cursing furiously in traffic, working on projects with ruthless deadlines and more. During the rambling meeting, you are wondering if the babysitter remembered the medicine for your daughter and at home, you can’t stop thinking about the big meeting tomorrow. The babysitter decides to take off; you are stressed even thinking about the impending conversation with your partner (for the third time this week) on your travel dates that happen to be clashing with…

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The alarm goes off… I hit “snooze” a couple of times. And then I cease to know whether it stopped ringing or I just forgot to hear it.

I am finally awake. I reach for my phone. It blinks back at me: 6:10 a.m.. Damn, whatever happened to the alarm? I check the alarm ringer volume…. MAX VOLUME. Yeah, fine!

I turn over and think through my to-do list. I try to rev up my brain to remember what I had planned for today’s breakfast, snacks for school and lunches. Who do I have to call today…

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I t was a usual evening; my husband and I had gone out to one of the popular restaurants in Bangalore — the one in which you would typically share your seats with another family. It turned out that the family seated opposite to us on our table was a couple with a cute 3-year-old.

As we were waiting for our order to arrive, I couldn’t help but notice how the child resisted the food the mom tried to give him. The parents tried several things — distract him, cajole him, encourage him. The results were obviously not satisfactory. Finally…

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Founder of award-winning blog Kidskintha- for parents and children of the 21st century. Columnist on Entrepreneur, HuffPost.

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