Special Olympics Doc. Progression Update #1

For 6 years now, it’s been at the back of my mind to make a documentary capturing the spirit of the Special Olympian and it’s been four months since I actively started molding the concept into a reality. Last week, we made some significant headway by meeting with Inclusion Films, a film school catered towards people with developmental disabilities. I took a trek to their Bakersfield location where I met their staff and some of their students. We discussed the documentary concept and the feasibility of using their students (current or former) in the making of the film. These ideas were warmly received and it looks like we’ll be partnering together to make this a reality. Now that we’re forming a production team it’s time to get the ball rolling on finding the subjects for the film. I have several athletes in mind, but I’d love to continue the search.

At the rate we’re headed, I reckon principle photography will start this fall and carry-on into 2017. One concern of mine is that I do not want to rush this project, but the progression so far has been organic, so I’m not too worried. I’m more so joyfully anxious to see where this film takes us. Special Olympics tend to attract the best kinds of humans, so I’m excited to meet all the wonderful people that will be apart of this. I spoke with my mother a few days ago and she mentioned how significantly positive my mood shifts when I get back from a Special Olympics practice or event. The Special Olympics is a spirit lifter for all who take part. I want to this film to try to encompass that as best we can.

The enthusiasm for this documentary has been overwhelming. I am thankful and grateful for everyone who has taken the time to promote, share and donate.

If you feel inclined to donate or know someone who might be, the fundraising link is: https://www.gofundme.com/sodoc

We’re just under $5,000 away from hitting our goal. Every dollar counts.

Thank you all so much,


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