Meet Warit Wanwithu: Fulfilling his DevRel mission

As part of our 2018 Content Series, we highlight speakers who share their personal journey to become founders of global communities.

Most of us in this field called developer relations have a hard time accepting phrases like “you can’t do that.” Warit Wanwithu pushed past rejection and identified the opportunity to build Thailand’s first chatbot community by telling his boss “I want to do it. We have to do it.”​Warit is a DevRel at LINE and the founder of their 5,000+ developer community in Thailand.

Maybe it’s because he waited ten years to return to DevRel after working as a developer for some of the most prominent tech companies. And more likely, it’s because Warit has that rare quality folks in DevRel posses of being able to ignite momentum by authentically engaging developers.

10 years back when Warit was still a student at university, he first dabbled with DevRel life at Sun Microsystem as Sun Campus’ Ambassador and then as a contractor. His role was to evangelize Java and Solaris on campus.

It was so much fun setting up the event and teaching in the class, join Sun seminar and writing blogs.

After graduation, Warit started his career as a developer with IBM, Amadeus, and Thomson Reuters.

I love being a developer, but to be honest, I did not feel like it was my calling.

Warit made the return to the DevRel life again with LINE, the most popular messaging app in Thailand, boasting over 42 million active users spending almost a third of their daily life using connecting on LINE. At the time however, LINE was missing out, big time; they had a great open API to create chatbots but they were missing having communities building on its platform.

This was the prime opportunity Warit wanted, and the company’s org structure helped his vision become reality. The flat organization structure within the engineering team enabled Warit to take his passion to execution, and initiate his plan of building a robust community. First step included starting the Developer Relations team in LINE Thailand at the beginning of 2018. This also sparked Warit to also establish the LINE Developers Thailand group and get back into the full DevRel life, speaking at conferences, writing blog posts, and hosting events for his community members.

We can’t wait to hear more as Warit shares his learnings and insights at LINE and with developers in Thailand. We want to know more on why being back in DevRel made 2018 one of the best and most memorable years of his life. Join us on November 2nd in Singapore.

Warit Wanwithu serves as Technical Consultant in Developer Relations team for LINE Thailand. He leads many local developers community activities such as speaking at conferences, writing blog posts and creating code samples. He is also the founder of the LINE Developers Thailand community group with over 5,000 members. In addition to growing the developer community, he is also responsible for consulting LINE’s technical solutions to serve clients’ needs, and maintaining strong relationships with LINE Developers through both internal and external communities as well.

Warit has over 9 years of experience in various challenging roles in the technology area, having worked at leading IT companies such as IBM, Amadeus, Thomson Reuters before joined LINE Thailand.