A message to Theresa May: We and our British values are not for sale

Canada is not in the EU. The trade deal, NAFTA, it has with the US is critical to its economy and is in Trump’s sights. Yet, with a simple tweet, the Prime Minister of Canada could stand with the refugees that Trump has just shunned and banned. Why couldn’t our Prime Minister do likewise when questioned about Trump’s decision on Saturday?

It’s just words, it’s not a new aid package or a commitment to take in more refugees or anything like that. That tweet from Trudeau didn’t cost Canada one cent. It’s just words, they cost nothing but they are deeply meaningful. They’re especially meaningful when the leader of a major nation says them. As the leader of a nation, you don’t just speak for yourself when you make an international statement. You speak for your whole country, all of us. Your words tell the world who we are and what we stand for. When Theresa May ducked the question on Trump’s refugee ban, she said that we, Britain, are ducking it and turning a blind eye. To look at the reaction to Trump’s ban in this country, it’s patently clear the majority aren’t turning a blind eye. To varying degrees, we are appalled.

We voted to leave the EU, not to leave any shred of morality we have or to leave our British values. Brexit may well mean Brexit, whatever that means but it doesn’t we should become nasties. It was Theresa May’s choice this week to pimp herself out to fascistic “strong men” for a “deal”. It’s not our choice, we’re not for sale, neither are our values. Theresa May and the hard Brexit cheerleaders need to understand that. Those values run deep and they always assert themselves, maybe not instantly or quickly, but they do assert themselves. Always.

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