Is Starmer’s new Shadow Cabinet the right team for 2020 or 2007?

Sienna makes a good point (see pic of her tweet), no obvious “right wing” heroes in a job (eg Philips, Streeting), the worst two are Murray and Reeves. Likewise no obvious Corbynites but Rebecca Long-Bailey, Andy McDonald and Cat Smith in.

It’s classic centrism / triangulation by Starmer. Not really clearly anything just a blur in the middle somewhere. The prime offerings will be competence and to be a nicer than the Tories would be. That sort of team and thinking would have been fine before the Great Crash in 2008, before Brexit, before Labour’s last 4 years, before the virus.

The After COVID world be will be radically different to the world before the virus. Responses to the new reality will require a lot more than being nicer, more competent bunch than the Tories. It will require radical solutions and thinking to not only rebuild after the virus but to create something new without the economic and other weaknesses that hampered our response to Covid. From how healthcare works and is funded to how the world of work will work, e.g. can the current structure of the labour market continue and much more.

It will a time for bold, radical thinking that starts with a clean page. I fear this team is going to start with a page from from the past and look to make tweaks and “improve the message”. I may well be wrong, I hope not just for the party but wider society that I am wrong.

This post is based on this tweet from me:



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