A “progressive alliance” is a non runner because we just can’t trust the Lib Dems

In England, that means a deal primarily with the Fib Dems. The opportunities, as Richmond shows, are primarily between Labour and the Fib Dems rather than the Greens. For instance, in the South West no Labour candidates in the 2015 General Election could have helped stop the Tories routing the Fib Dems there. But what would’ve been the point?

If they the Fib Dems had kept all their seats, they would gone into coalition again with the Tories. As the graphic below points out, the first coalition was a disaster for this country which the Fib Dems could’ve pulled the plug on at anytime.

The Fib Dems who were in the Coalition Cabinet now attack the cuts that were made, the NHS cuts and changes etc that were made then. They seem oblivious to the fact that they were there at the time those decisions were being made. They agreed to those decisions and then championed them publicly. Their main defence for their time in government is that they at least stopped the Tories from being more bad, otherwise known as the ‘I only let the serial killer kill a few people’ defence.

That’s why I’m against the idea of a progressive alliance, as to be viable any alliance would need to include the Fib Dems. They cannot be trusted to stand up against the Tories or not to become collaborators with them. That’s why I call them the Fib Dems, you just can’t trust any commitments they make.

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