Importance of the Journey

When you think about goal setting, usually 3 things come to mind.

  1. Creating a goal
  2. Picking a completion date
  3. The act of completing your goal

What a lot of people don’t think about are the steps you will take along the way to complete the goal….which is the most important part of the process! The journey is like the heart and soul of your goal… it is the substance behind your accomplishments. It is what shapes you as a person, and prepares you for what’s to come.

As you are working towards a goal, you will face some roadblocks. You will get frustrated, and it won’t always be easy. But keep in mind that if you take the time to focus on the every day routines, power through your struggles, and work hard… you’ll not only find the answers you are looking for, but you will also learn something about yourself along the way.

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