Resources On What ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Is and Isn’t

“Cultural misappropriation distinguishes itself from the neutrality of cultural exchange, appreciation, and appropriation because of the instance of colonialism and capitalism”

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Excerpts from James O. Young’s “Cultural Appropriation and the Arts

Excerpts from my essay “You Can’t Beat Pablo If Ya Work Ain’t Sellin: Appropriation, Truth, and Capitalism

“Strategic Anti-Essentialism”

Strategic Anti-Essentialism (also sometimes called “cultural anti-essentialism”) is a term rarely used nowadays, but lies at the root of the “cultural appropriation” debacle. Strategic anti-essentialism is a term which was conceived by popular Black studies scholar George Lipsitz to describe the strategic, meditated, or calculated use of a cultural form outside of one’s own, to define oneself, one’s group, or community. As Wikipedia paraphrases Lipsitz:

Links For Further Assessment:

Beyond Bindis: Why Cultural Appropriation Matters

African/African Diaspora studies. Artist. Writer. Educator? Organizing outcasts who likes Outkast and fried chicken.

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