“Here at USP Beaumont, the Federal Prison where I am currently housed at, we had no electricity what-so-ever.”

(The Truth and Nothing Else!)
By Keith ‘Malik’ Washington, Fight Toxic Prisons Correspondent

Sept. 23, 2019:
As a Nationally known Prison Abolitionist and humyn rights activist, I am very passionate and dedicated to the causes and the people my comrades and I support.

However, as a journalist I am duty-bound to put aside my subjective feelings and report the objective facts about the…

I made the mistake of calling myself a “creative” for several years into my career.

Augusta Savage, “The Harp” (1939)

“In our struggle for the liberation of the Chinese people there are various fronts, among which there are the fronts of the pen and of the gun, the cultural and the military fronts. To defeat the enemy we must rely primarily on the army with guns. But this army alone…

Great Mosque of Djenné, Mali, 1907 (photo: herr_hartmann)

I was asked to write about the ‘relationship between spirituality and justice.’ So here’s a brief historical anecdote on the subject, in the form of an incredibly brief re-telling of one of the most significant moments in African decolonial history.

When speaking of colonization, it is generally accepted that different…

Quotes from revolutionary thinker, activist and historian Walter Rodney’s 1972 “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa”

  • “Pervasive and vicious racism was present in imperialism as a variant independent of the economic rationality that initially gave birth to racism. It was economics that determined that Europe should invest in Africa and control the…

Image: Self-portrait overlayed with a cell phone image of South African artist Mikhael Subotzky’s “Ponte City, Windows.” (Image via Urbansoulatlanta)

The first time it happened that I was old enough to remember, I was 13 years old standing in the hallway of my middle school. I remember tucking my head into my locker to hide my face from the blur of folks passing by behind me in the hall. I…

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