How to make people stop hating you, Indonesians:

  1. Stop spreading hate towards gays/lebsians.
  2. Stop spreading hate towards innocent animal who dont know shit why they are being hated.
  3. If you have proof about PKI is rising, make a report to the police, not posting it on sosmed.
  4. Women are not any less stronger than man. Stop seeing them as only a sexual object. Educate your brain, not their clothes.
  5. Stop spreading hate towards Jews like fuck you have met any of them.
  6. Stay humble. People dont vote for you to be this arogant power maniac heartless politician who only care about themself.
  7. Stop spreading hate towards any other religion/ideology who did no harm to anything but your religion’s insecurerities of losing followers.
  8. Stop being so self-righteous to do whatever your ass want to do because its an “order” that may hurt other living beings.
  9. Data, analysis > hoax, opinion.
  10. Stop saying “terorist has no religion” because i know atheist people aint got no shit time to do such barbary.
  11. Science > cocoklogy.
  12. Stop thinking like megalomaniac narcicistic asshole. Start thinking yourself as an insignificant mass of dust in this infinitely expanding universe.
  13. This Earth is not made just for you, or humans. Lower your ultraspecies ego.
  14. Do good and respect to everything. EVERYTHING.
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