A New Year Presents New Opportunities

Dewyngaert Design
Jan 25, 2018 · 2 min read

Ending the year with juggling client’s requests of the new year launch dates, the holidays interfering with timelines, and rush turnarounds, it’s undoubtedly going to lead one straight to burn out.

The outlook that you have on the new year reflects where you are personally and mentally. I’ve started off this new year with a different perspective, due to a goal I set and kept last year.

I made a promise to myself to keep my personal time for growth in place, no matter how busy I became. This allowed the chance to reflect on the past, check in personally where I was each day, and focus on the new goals to achieve in 2018. I made it a priority just like meeting a deadline for a customer. Clients are important to your business, but so are you.

Now, about a month into the New Year, I feel recharged and more prepared for each day to come. I’ve set personal goals such as reading more books, journaling more often, and exercising and keeping true to my good eating habits. All of these lead to a better attitude, clarity, and overall positive outlook for the future. I’ve also set new goals for Dewyngaert Design, and actually look forward to taking risky uncomfortable steps that always leads to greater entrepreneurial knowledge. Don’t let all of life’s curve balls knock you off course.

Dewyngaert Design

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