Four Reasons I Want to Write

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Jul 27, 2017 · 4 min read

I used to blog when I was in art school, sharing stories about anything from goals of moving to New York City, self-growth words of wisdom from the desk of a starving art student, to experiences working on design projects. I loved doing it, but somewhere down the road of life, the habit became a hurdle.

Good advice is like a good song, you can’t seem to get it out of your head. “Get out there and write about what you do and why you do it.” Even though it was said to me so many times, I realized that until I define why I should write, I’ll never find value in it, and more importantly, keep at it. So I have summed up in 4 points why I want to write.

1. Creating Content

It’s the main way of advertising these days. Creating content that targets your main audience. It might be potential clients, friends, family, or just a group of readers who share the same values as you. I often preach this to my clients, focusing their goals and making sure their new website or application’s content is valuable to their consumer base. People don’t necessarily always want you for your production value, but for your way of thinking. What better way to share your values, understandings and overall logic of a particular subject than posting it for people that actually care to read it.

When I launched Dewyngaert Design, the best piece of advice I received is to “never act like you know more than you know.” I found this very simple, and very important. I meet & talk with anyone and everyone that can offer the time and may have words of wisdom for future hurdles. The same goes for reading people’s thoughts in their own forums. These kind of posts offer words of wisdom towards personal growth, and understanding of the journey they began taking in the entrepreneurial world. That being one of my main catalysts, I hope to be able to pay it forward to others who are in search of advice for their endeavors.

2. Share Insights and Processes

Everyone does their job differently. And in the world of design, there are thousands if not millions doing the particular job everyday. Through this medium, I want to share my insights and the way I handle projects and clients. I love reading these types of stories from writers I follow, so I’ll add to the chaos.

I live in the design world. I consume it. Read it. Converse about it. Watch documentaries about it. And though it makes sense (mostly) to me, I find that its not the case for everyone. So why not write about it, giving all my secrets away. I love doing what I do because it helps others’ ideas and passions come to life. I want this forum to become a way to further that helping hand.

3. Articulate

I will go as far as to say that writing is the absolute best method to boost your skill for articulating your ideas. I am the king of tripping over words during explanation. I’ve even created words that don’t exist to help fill in space during conversation, which is embarrassing when someone calls you out for it.

This particular post may take two, three, or fifteen drafts, but the exercise of chiseling down the words to the most succinct & digestible message is a very important skillset to enhance. It creates ability to present better, share your thoughts more distinctly, and grow your vocabulary.

4. Be Vulnerable

This is the last, and perhaps most important. Writing your thoughts and putting it out to the critical world takes courage. Being vulnerable in your writing means exposing yourself, and helping to conquer the fear of rejection. This is a common trait shared by majority of the humans on this planet.

Recently my wife introduced me to Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Work Week, and has a great podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, where he has interviewed 200+ people ranging from business owners to celebrities about subjects all humans can relate to. One particular thing made him appeal most to me was his vulnerability in the stories he writes and speaks about. He has no fear in judgement, and I think that is the “secret sauce” to his success. I am sure it took practice and time. Every single person in this world deals with insecurity, and once we all realize we have something to offer to the next person, we can find the best version of ourselves.

In closing.

Write. Share your ideas. Create content. Strengthen your articulation. Give away all your secrets & processes. And most importantly, learn to be vulnerable. The world is critical. Push yourself past it, and don’t be afraid to just put it out there.

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