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I wrote this journal entry to myself a couple weeks ago. I decided I wanted to share it, and hopefully you find it as beneficial reading it as I did writing it.

Today is Friday. And just like every Friday, I always am in a better mood than any other day of the week. I know that as the work week ends, my list of responsibilities slows down for a couple days, which helps relinquish the pressure I hold to myself. I have no issue putting a record on, pouring a cocktail, and reflecting over the past five days that I focused on someone else’s needs. (e.g. clients, bosses, etc).

It’s important to have good work ethic, but it’s also important to cool down the engines. Being burnt out is a deep hole to climb out of, and it’s important to refocus on your ultimate happiness.

Lately I’ve been focusing more on passion projects and hobbies. I used to be very into video making of trips & events. Not for business or profit, but for my own enjoyment of learning the process, and putting my perspective together for friends and family, and myself. Even though this is another creative pull on the brain, it’s also a chance to recharge because that pressure of perfection that I push to bring to my client’s projects isn’t as necessary. It’s more about the process than the outcome.

So today I’ll work hard, but know that the first glass of bourbon poured will be the tastiest.

– July 6, 2018

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