The Insider’s Guide to Allocation on the DexCheck IPSO Launchpad

3 min readDec 14, 2023

Unlock exclusive benefits and maximize your returns with the DexCheck IPSO Launchpad! If you’re among the elite users staking 100K or more DCK tokens, this Insider’s Guide is your key to navigating the allocation process. From total staked amounts to weighted average durations, we break down the intricacies of allocation calculations, ensuring you make the most of this opportunity. Don’t miss out — dive into the details and secure your spot in the DexCheck premium group for a strategic advantage in the IPSO Pad.

All users who have staked 100K or more DCK tokens are eligible for registration of new token sales in the IPSO Pad. Once you stake 100K DCK or more, join the DexCheck premium group and follow the instructions for registration. Among the users who have registered, the following approach is used for allocations:

  1. Total Staked Amount: The total amount of DCK tokens staked by a user across all staking pools is considered.
  2. Staking Weight: A weight is assigned based on the duration of staking, as follows:

Longer staking durations are favored. For example, staking 100K DCK for 547 days yields a weight of 100, which is 10 times the weight of staking for 14 days.

3. Weighted Average Duration: If a user has staked multiple times, a weighted average duration is calculated. For instance, if a user stakes 100K DCK for 547 days and 50K DCK for 90 days, the weighted average duration would be calculated as follows:

4. Allocation Calculation: The user’s allocation is determined by multiplying their total staked amount by the weighted average duration, dividing by the sum of all users’ total staked amounts, multiplied by their respective weighted average durations, and then multiplying by the total allocation amount.

Here’s an example calculation for 3 stakers with a total allocation of 10,000:

The allocation for each user is calculated using the following formula:

The team managing the Initial Private Sale Offering (IPSO) on the DexCheck platform will set a minimum and maximum allocation for each user based on the total allocation available. This means that even after the initial allocation calculation based on the staked amount and duration, the final allocation may be adjusted to stay within these limits.

Here’s how the adjustments might work:

· If a user’s calculated allocation is below the minimum, their allocation will be increased to meet the minimum threshold.

· If a user’s calculated allocation is above the maximum, their allocation will be decreased to the maximum limit.

In conclusion, mastering the allocation game on the DexCheck IPSO Launchpad is your ticket to a tailored investment experience. Armed with insights into total staked amounts, staking weights, and weighted average durations, you’re well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of token sales. Remember, the team behind IPSO has your back — adjustments ensure fairness and adherence to minimum and maximum limits. So, stake smartly, follow the guidelines, and watch your allocations soar. Seize the opportunity, unlock the potential, and let your DexCheck journey begin!

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