Introducing dexVAULTS+ Strategies

4 min readSep 2, 2022


DeFi’s First Auto Compounding, Rebalancing, Custom-Profit-Taking Yield Aggregator!

dexVAULTS+ Flexible Strategies

Introducing dexVAULTS+ Strategies

OK…..we heard you all… want strategies NOW! Well here they are! We are damn proud to announce the launch of our innovative dexVAULTS+ strategies!

dexVAULTS+ strategies offer additional innovative features compared to a common yield aggregating protocol. Like all things at Dex Finance, we don’t believe in just forking code. dexVAULTS+ strategies are the first auto compounding smart contracts that allows for diversification, rebalancing, and setting automatic profit-taking.

Unlike most yield optimizers, dexVAULTS+ allows users to manage a multi-layered investment portfolio through a single smart contract interaction. dexVAULTS+ empowers users by simplifying the advanced trading strategies employed by experienced investors and utilize the power of compounding to exponentially grow their investments.

Watch the Launch AMA

In this AMA we take a deep dive into the newly released dexVAULTS+ auto-compounded strategies!

User Benefits of dexVAULTS+ Strategies

Our goal while building dexVAULTS+ was to take the best features available to TradFi (traditional finance) and FinTech (blockchain, defi) platforms and optimize them for dexVAULTS+.

  • Simplify investment into Dex Finance — Set it and forget it!
  • Customizable diversification — Minimize volatility through diversification!
  • Automated Rebalancing — Algorithmically “buys the dip” on underperforming allocations on each compound!
  • Automatic compounding — Exponentially grow your portfolio by turning APR into APY with compound growth! Fixed strategies compound upon each transaction by any user. Flexible strategies utilize logic to compound when a gas threshold is met.
  • Minimizes transactions — Save on gas fees and simplify your tax prep at the end of the year!
  • Set profit taking levels — Keep yourself honest, and actually take profits! (Feature available on Flexible strategies only)

We want to talk a bit further on the automated rebalancing feature, since this one is especially unique to the DeFi space. Nearly all traditional retirement accounts (401k, IRA, etc.) include rebalancing features. The rebalancing feature of dexVAULTS+ is incorporated upon each strategy compounding transaction. This means that everytime the strategy compounds, the underperforming tokens will be purchased with higher priority to maintain the strategy ratio, similar to manually buying low and selling high.

Protocol Benefits of dexVAULTS+ Strategies

Strategies also provide an overall benefit to DexFi as they will provide additional stability to the Money Market ecosystem.

In addition to incentivizing users to voluntarily lock-in their holdings, dexVAULTS+ will generate revenue for the dexDAO treasury that would have typically been paid as gas fees from users. Additionally, strategies will help guide new users to utilize the protocol in the healthiest way, while also minimizing their portfolio volatility. We want everyone to succeed together!

How do dexVAULTS+ work? I want to use them now!

This information may change, so we recommend all users visit the dexVAULTS+ section of the dexDOCS page, but we will provide high-level details here.

Users should first decide how they would like to allocate their portfolio (we provide detailed information on the allocation options within our dexVAULTS+ documentation). There is no limit to the number of strategies that a user can utilize. Each strategy has its own unique receipt token that will be provided when entering a strategy. The receipt token is a wrapped token representing all portfolio allocations and rewards earned.

We’d like to point out that the conservative and balanced strategies would have outperformed the aggressive strategy over the past month. Just like having a balanced stock portfolio usually results in more consistent gains over the long term, joining a more aggressive strategy does not always correlate to higher gains.

What’s Next?

The majority of our development team has been working full-time on strategies since the launch of DexFi. By completing this major milestone, we have been able to relocate resources towards the Q4 roadmap projects.

Updated 2022–2023 Roadmap

The roadmap focuses on creating products that cause deflationary measures for the DexFi ecosystem tokens and accrue fees for the treasury.

In addition to the items within the Q4 roadmap, we will also begin offering our innovative software products as a service (SaaS). Similar to how we partnered with Olympus Pro to manage our dexBONDS, we are in partnership talks with numerous DeFi projects to utilize the following Dex Finance products:

  • dexVAULTS+
  • dexETF Pro
  • dexBET
  • dexPAD
  • dexNET (EverPeg Bot, Terminator Bot, and more)

By expanding into the DeFi SaaS space, we are opening up entirely new external revenue streams. This revenue will provide additional collateralization for USDEX, ultimately leading to increased ETF rewards for the Regulation pool.

The initial one-year period for the Money Market is designed to showcase what Dex Finance can achieve while creating a runway of sustainable revenue for long-term growth. Investors will be able to continue to stake their tokens in order to earn a portion of the revenue earned through fees and services. Think of your current investment in DexFi products as a way for you to acquire equity in one of the fastest growing decentralized banks on the blockchain right now.

Launching dexVAULTS+ has been one of the most challenging projects for us to date. We’d like to thank our entire Dex Community for your support and patience! Get ready, we have an exciting Q4 ahead of us!

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