This is Why You Must Use BI at Your Call Centre

A common misconception among people when it comes to Business Intelligence (BI) is that they consider it the same as BPI (Business Performance Improvement) which is in line with “informed decision making”. However, both these statements are completely relevant and true for the modern day operative call centres. But business intelligence has other benefits for the call centres or collection agencies, some of which we will discuss here, along with other perks of the aforementioned systems like BPI and informed decision-making.

This is Why You Must Use BI at Your Call Centre

With the help of Business Intelligence (BI) if implemented into the call centres with the help of TCN’s technology can actually provide information which was never known before. With that, daily operations may become things that are a little more decipherable than the never-ending mysteries. Soon enough you will find yourself becoming a master sleuth, pro at solving call centre bottlenecks with ease and insightful implementations of business intelligence.

As an institute, that offers business analysis training in Delhi we took a deeper look at what BI can do for the somewhat technologically stagnant sector of call centres. Gone are the vibes of changing modern India with the accented telecom talkers…

Seasonal patterns:

Business Intelligence (BI) also accurately helps people forecast seasonal patterns and trends. Many of them one may know if they have been in business for a long time. Business intelligence takes the instinctual knowledge and paints it in with details. It is why the trend occurs and one even learn to pin point when it will begin and end. This allows people to better allot time and resources.

Time management:

The most important aspect is time in business is money and especially in the call centre setting. The agents must perform at their optimal productivity and with due efficiency when seated at their desks. While in the past, businesses had a problem in identifying when and where the lags were and why. But with BI one can alter the situation thereby delivering real-time insights into agent productivity. It can offer better use of resources and time.

TCPA Compliance:

With the implementation of Business Intelligence with call centres it also enables TCPA compliance. The technology helps to serve the call centre agents to follow best practices and mandated guidelines, while in-turn also safeguarding ones agency from complains and claims.

One must realize that Business Intelligence is too important to be left at the back burner list of call centre, so the companies must make it a priority in 2017. The operations of call centres will therefore change permanently.

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