Put It 5 Feet Away

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If you are a present for willing to work up early but even if you crying you couldn’t do it properly. Even if I set the alarm when it began ringing, shut it off or snooze and sleep again. I actually do it too. When I was looking through it so I found something

“Put your alarm 5 feet away ”

So let’s get through it. When you decide to wake up early in next day morning your result may cause a lot of things. If you are really tired today there is a big chance you missed the next morning’s alarm. You can get a relaxed maybe easy answer but we all know we are all busy with our matters. So getting the relaxed or interval may not really be probable for you. What you can do, is refresh yourself before you sleep. Take a shower and get a medium or low meal, drink a glass of water and calm your mind. You can meditate or listen to relaxing music because all of our actions are based on our mentality therefore preparing your mind is really important.

And next thing is to set up your next-day goals. Before you sleep visualize or think about what you need to do tomorrow. Think about your tomorrow plan and how are you going to achieve them tomorrow. Give a signal to your mind about those goals so you need to wake up on time.

Finally when you set up your alarm put your alarm 5 or far away from your bed that you can’t reach easily. If the alarm is close to your bin there is a chance you press snooze or turn it off and go back to sleep. Give a challenge to yourself when you wake up in the morning.

And lastly based on your preference you can wash your face with cold water when you wake up. It helps to refresh yourself and prevent the sleepiness that you feel as soon as you wake up.




I’m a leaner who is willing to share…

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I’m a leaner who is willing to share…

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