This post made me, well, nauseous.
Traverse Davies

I believe there is a difference between friends and mentors when it come to financial success.

There is no reason that mentors and friends can’t be one and the same, nor does it this post imply that mentors and friends can’t be in your “Top Five”

I don’t count on my friends for advice on being successful in my manufacturing career. I don’t get manufacturing advice from someone who does not know one end of a drill from the other.

I do count on my friends to help me remain true to my values and standards. I also count on my friends for advice based on their strengths and experience.

I would ask my friends for referrals for realtors, but I would not ask them how to become successful as a real estate investor.

Not all financial success leads to greed, see the comments on standards.

Remember that Bill Gates and others like him can do much more good in the world than your local barista, however that does not make Bill a better person than Joe Coffee. I believe we all should strive to be the best we can be financially so as to help/teach those who don’t know how.

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