Here is the future vlogging celebrity, Guess who? You!

Before jumping to this interesting discussion, let me show you some of the Future-proof pillars of Vlogging trend and its impact on user and brands worldwide!

People around the world is happier & Engaging in Video rather than Images! Video is everywhere! If you ignore it, “do so at your peril”.

I wrote that above lines, not by some mere survey around me, but because of the changing trends worldwide if you see.

Lets have a look

According to cisco, By 2017 (the very coming year) the popularity of Video content over Internet will be 69% of all content on Web! Don’t believe me? Just Google it and see by yourself! These all changing and upcoming trends worldwide strongly suggests the below Point!

Video is the Key But with Ample Viewers!

Lets see one more report from Neilson who claims that Mobile Internet use will rise more like never before, and 64% of his correspondent strongly believes that Video content is more successful over Internet and we need to adopt this change now!

Let’s have some trend charts too!


Want more proofs?

Ask Yourself now, What do you like to see when you get over internet? Some articles or reports and one or two video content?

Yaay! You too want that happens!

Now Before making bold moves to make Video content for your audience, think first which app or service to use to get proper advantage of your skills & hard work.

Introducing Maglu — motions of You!

Lets see Why you’ll be a celebrity on this new social Vlogging app?

But wait,

What is this new App?

Maglu — motions of you! Is the Coming special Vlogging app which will revolutionize the entire Vlogging industry in the coming 3 years!

Now you’ll ask, why so? What’s special in Maglu?

Lets see some of its sneak peek features directly here!

1) Alive you:- This is a secret line which the Maglu, Inc. is using in every post they are marketing while creating buzz in social campaigns.You can guess whatever you want, till Maglu app gets launched in this coming week!

2) Alive Engagement: - This is a great way to satisfy every users and brands who want to get engage with their customers in Maglu’s Alive way! Everyone is super excited to have Maglu app on their smartphone as it seems to sort out problems of Existing social network users.

3) Alive Discovery:- Are you still finding and making friends by looking theirs pic? (It might be fake you see!) This feature is a great Solution by Maglu!

So, this is what I call the Innovative move by team behind Maglu.

Want to see more features? Go to Maglu

There are lots of features Mentioned by Maglu team ( Present and future plans) which will surely make us feel like celebrity while living our social life like never before!

So let’s wait till this new amazing app gets launched in this coming week!

Far far ahead of the Big blue, there lives the Creative you! (slogan by Maglu)

Here is Maglu

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