Funding Fundas with Mrs. Tosha Shukla

We today gonna explore the funding aspect for Startups. We at GTU Innovation Council hosted Mrs. Tosha Shukla who is renowned Startup Mentor & Ecosystem Enabler since years supporting startups like her own child. …

Kalkeri Sangeet Vidhyalaya #JagritiYatra #DhananjaySuthar

Months Back during December 2018, I was fortunate to visit Kalkeri Sangeet Vidhyalaya @ Dharwad which is known as “A school with a difference”. I was actually on my Jagriti Yatra in its eleventh edition, where i along with 450+ odd change makers paid a visit to this awesome place…


Hello, and welcome to one of the important module of the The Startup Engineering. You know, It’s a question many people come across or all should ask them selves before starting their entrepreneurial journey. Let’s explore the possible reasons to it.

You must be super excited to start your venture…

Couple of days back it was great hearing Mr. Sanjay Kathuria & Mr. Paritosh Sharma from Bada Business Pvt. Ltd. Thanks to Headstart for arranging sessions with such immensely successful experts.

Today, I have compiled few key pointers from the session and going to share the same to you guys…

Hope you all are safe from #Covid19,

This Quarantine, I have attended dozens of webinars to skill up & explore. From which Best of Best Learning I am about to share to you all via such articles/blogs. This write up is inspired by Mr. Aakash Garg.

So, It was a…

Hey folks, This is Dhananjay Suthar, Innovation Catalyst and Community Enthusiast adding value to #StartupEcosystem. Today during this Quarantine Period, I did attended a wonderful webinar on Zoom hosted by Mr. Saurabh Sahu from GTU Innovation Council. On the other side we had Mr. Sitansu Mahapatra, Technical Consultant of MyGov

It’s not easy going it alone,but if you keep going stay true to yourself; it will be worth it in the end & if you show what you are made of the right people will show up in your life. You won’t be alone wolf forever !!

It started with a recommendation from Respected Director of GTU Innovation Council, Mr. Hiranmay Mahanta. I got interested and filled my Application form on Jul 13, 2018. My Application got approved on Sep 15, 2018 after getting scrutinized by the JY Team. Application followed with two more forms: ‘Additional Personal…

Dhananjay Suthar

This is Dhananjay Suthar, Innovation Catalyst and Community Enthusiast adding value to #StartupEcosystem. For more:

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