She turned out to be a Lesbian

I am a very confident person, and it certainly helps if you have a decent pedigree — Managing Editor of Two Magazines, Marketing Manager for a Telecom Company, Football Forward for a Club, Blogger and Event Evangelist for various brands. During the Weekdays, I am dead with shit loads of work, and hence on Weekend’s, I go all-out partying.

Every Weekend, I like doing pub-hopping, meeting new people, making new friends. That is exactly, what I try doing, except that every Weekend turns out to be some new Adventure Tale. Last Weekend, I was in a Lounge, standing by the staircase as always (that’s my place), happy high not knowing where my friends disappeared and didn’t care finding-out either. All of a sudden, a girl trampled into me and she seemed happy high as well. We looked at each other for a moment before I started talking to her. Believe me, She was the most cutest looking girl in the Lounge, and my mind was like “ DJ, today is your day”. What followed later was an Epic Conversation :

Me : What’s your name
She : My name is Caroline, and I am from USA

As soon as I heard USA, my mind was like “ Target acquired, ready to launch”, I have done my education from USA and I love the country, I can go on speaking for ages about.

And, as it turned out, I went to speak a lot about USA. She was secretly impressed, I could see it in her eyes. She was more comfortable with me now.

Me : Hey Caroline, Would you like to dance with me ?
Caroline : I would but I am searching for my friends, I don’t know where they are ?
Me ( I was getting more confident by now, and had started speaking cheesy) : Am I not your friend, Isn’t it fun meeting new people ?
Caroline : Yes, It is fun meeting new people
Me : Then let me buy you a drink (The most used up, beaten to death line)

She agreed, and we went to the counter. She was holding my hands, leaning-on me, the whole club was looking at me , my mind was like “ DJ, you are the Boss”. What possibly can go wrong ?Except that after a while, she told that she is going to the washroom and will return soon. She didn’t return for sometime, so I decided checking on her. Later, I found her with a different group and dancing very close to one another girl. And then, one of her friends told me that Caroline is a Lesbian, and she was dancing with her partner.