Sports taught me, How to travel the world free of cost ?

I am a huge Sports Fan but unfortunately in India, you don’t get to witness quality Football or Tennis, and now they have even removed Indian Grand Prix from the Grand Prix Schedule.But it didn’t hinder me from travelling across the world to witness Sports.I became a Sport blogger, and covered Formula 1, Nascar, Football & Cricket.The two biggest problems, which I faced every-time was that :

a) Indian Currency’s valuation against Euro, Dollar or Pounds is quite weak. Hence, until and unless you are immensely Rich it becomes extremely difficult to Travel across the Globe
b) The enormous distance of Europe, America & UK from India. Which mean’t I had to spend more on Travelling
After travelling a decent amount of times, I learned a few tricks to save money and travel in pleasure. So, here are my travel hacks :
a) I always buy the cheapest tickets but travel in Business Class, as I have enrolled myself in Star Alliance Membership Program. Star Alliance as we know, includes flights like Air India, Luftansa & Turkish Airways. So without fail, I make a point to add the miles on the membership card. The best part is that you can redeem miles on Partner Airlines. Also, it gets easier to get last minute free upgrade to Business Class. There are always at-least 2 Business Class travelers, who don’t turn up. If I am correct, All the International flights take a buffer of 6 travelers not turning-up while overbooking the flight
b) Be smart while picking the flights for your next Travel. Check the member flight as well as the Partnered Flights. Sometimes, you can get cheaper per mile cost on the Partnered Flights. For example — The results of your search might recommend, the member flight to be a steal but upon searching you might get Partner Flights even cheaper. I calculate cost per mile every-time, and select a flight with between 40 -50 cents per mile. Remember, every earned miles have some cost attached to it
c)While collecting the boarding passes from the Airline Counter, look around for other travelers from the same country as yours, and try checking them in along-with you. All the International Airlines allow groups travelling together to check-in together. Hence while collecting the boarding passes, you can ask the representative to add all the miles in your member card. The best part about this is that Travelers checking-in with you are very thankful as you saved their time, and you get free additionally miles as well (lots of it)
d) Make sure that your Credit Card is a Travel Credit Card/Miles Credit Card, that way you will be able to collect miles even while you are shopping. Even better, Travel Cards suggest their tie-ups with different e-commerce partners, which can enable you in earning even more miles
e) I like paying the least, and staying in Luxury on my travel destinations. My credit cards has partnership with Hilton. Hence, I cam redeem my miles on Hilton Hotels across the world
f) I prefer booking my flights in incognito mode, as when I used search my flights multiple times on the normal mode they used recommend the increased rates. This was due to the re-targeting cookies that was set on my every search. Hence, If I searched flights to single destination multiple times, the portal used to recognize me as desperate customer and recommended me increased rates. Hence, it is always better to book under incognito mode.

All these hacks have supported me in travelling and fulfilling my love of covering Sports across the World.

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