‘Dharti’: Completion of 110 sustainable shelter houses

The ChangeFusion Nepal team on the previous blog threads have mentioned that it initially ordered 110 sustainable houses from Portal Bikes for the members of Bhattedadha who were living under the vulnerable conditions. Upon the reality check after completion of 70 installations, we identified 30 households instead of 40 in need so decided to keep the rest for needy ones.

The journey for setting up these 10 houses began after the successful installation of 100 and the 1st from the last 10 lot was given to Maan Kumari Ama at Bhattedadha. Director of ChangeFusion Nepal Luna Shrestha Thakur recalls her meeting with the lady, “ The day when I had completed 100 shelters, I met her on the way. She asked me if I had 1 spare one, I did not have. She requested atleast to visit her home. Her home was completely gone, he cattle had died, her husband was disabled, her 2 sons had left for Kathmandu abandoning them. I said, I would bring her 1 shelter. A week passed by. I only got materials today, so went back to her. The first word from her was, I thought you forgot. I said, not even for a moment. We both smiled and took this picture ☺☺☺”.

Then the team of ChangeFusion Nepal gifted the next spare shelter house to Fulmaya Tamang didi who was the local mobilizer at Bhattedadha. She was living in the tent yet her continuous support and cooperation throughout the 100 installations of other households showed her geniuenity towards the initative. Upon gifting the shelter, she refused but then we later convinced her it was for protection at times of wind and rain.

Fulmaya didi with her appreciating smile.

We then chose a new locality to install the remaining houses and it was Kakani as recommended by one of our social entrepreneur Shanti Dolma Shakya, the women behind Kakani Himalayan Natural Dyes. While doing the needs assessment Shanti came to our team for a meeting and said she wishes to continue her venture despite problems of her 6 staffs who had lost their homes from the earthquake.

Shanti at the team meeting at the hub
Shanti’s workshop of natural dyes at Kakani
Workshop for natural dyes

Thus, on 31st May’15, the team of embarked on their journey to Kakani to build the remaining shelter houses. As it was a new path, the pick up truck with materials and our volunteers (Sagar, Shakhar and Binum) took almost 2 hours to reach the location due to the damaged roads by the earthquake.

Our team headed for Kakani
The road to Kakani took around 2 hour

The community was new so they had no idea on the construction process and it was the full responsibility of 3 volunteers and it lot of energy was exerted up hill and down hill.

Materials being unloaded at Kakani
Tin sheets being carried with the locals help.

They starred construction of the shelter houses at 12 pm and the 6 houses were completed at 6 pm. It took double time, energy and effort and Binam texted saying, “All finished coming back now, aja thakiyo (tired today)”. We are thus, thankful for their hard work and the glimpses can be seen below:-

House of Rinji Lama now at Kakani
Shanti with her family in the shelter house.
House of Dilmaya Lama before
Dil Maya Lama with her daughter in the shelter house now
Another ruined house of Dil Maya Tamang
Current shelter of Dil Maya Tamang at Kakani
Rita Lama’s house
Rita Lama’s house now
Sanu Maya Rumba’s shelter house now.

We are highly indebted to our donors for the 6 houses at Kakani who are Anton and Marianne Glaesar and thank you Karishma Wasti for the connection.

Anton and Marianne, our donors for the 6 sustainable shelters installed at Kakani
All smiles and thank you for the new shelter!!

The constructions of shelters is done now for the ‘Dharti’ Initiative and we move to the next step, which is solar lights, school and fertilizers for farming at Bhattedadha. The aim is to finish all this before monsoon starts and we are putting our very best efforts for all of it. Do stay connected with the blog. Thank you.