‘Dharti’: Seeds and water filter distribution for 102 households at Bhattedadha

The ‘Dharti’ initiative has encompassed various areas for restoration and stability at Bhattedadha post earthquake. As majority of the households were from the agricultural background, ChangeFusion Nepal had decided to support the farmers by giving them quality seasonal seeds as the last phase of the restoration project. We had called in professionals from R&D Innovative Solution on June 9th’15 to devise plans for assisting in provision of seeds and they had met with the local farmers who had outlined their choice of vegetables for cultivation.

Today, on June 29th’15 we have distributed radish and been seeds to the 102 households who will cultivate it on this rainy season (month of Ashad) for both their self-consumption and commercial purposes.

Local farmers receiving seeds for cultivation in their lands.
200gm seeds of broad beans were provided to individual households.

200gms each of beans were distributed to each household and the can of the radish seeds of 100 gms were handed over to each neighbors so that they divide the quality and plant in their lands. The team had called in the members of the 102 households at a common place and had done the recipient markings with the help of the local volunteer Akash Tamang.

The team actively involved in distribution of seeds.

On the very day, the Tripti Water Filters was delivered and its installation procedures demonstrated by Nepal Rises volunteer at Bhattedadha. We are thankful to Nepal Rises for this notable support to the 102 households who now have access to purify their drinking water. These water filters are available at Smart Paani and Smart Paani is providing it to different organization working in relief in subsidized rate.

Tripti water filter bags lined up for distribution.

Tripti water filters has 3 components (the 2 plastic containers, filter tube and plastic tap)which needs to be assembled with washers prior to water filtration. After the volunteer instructor demonstrated its assembly and operation, the local women were called in for participation.

She then fixes the washers at the various spots adjusting the containers in place.
Another local is also seen participating as she attaches the purifier tube in the container cap.
Another woman participates and learns the filter assembly process.

After the demonstration and practice phase, the locals are gathered to receive both the filters and the seeds. A woman among the group cheerful says that, “After working on fields for plantation of the seeds, I will now come home and drink pure water from this filter” and others agree in unison.

Below are few glimpses of the the day with happy and thankful faces.

An elderly women smiles after receiving the seeds and purifier.
Happy faces .
The menfolk of the village are also happy to receive such needy items.
Capturing smiles
Happy moments

With the distribution of seeds we come to an end of the agricultural aid phase at Bhattedadha and we are very thankful to SmartPaani for providing the locals with Tripti filters. Do stay connected as we unravel the entire Bhattedadha journey of the past two months in our next post. Thank you.

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