How does Saturn transit effect on Corporate Lives ?

If an astrologer can know the future, why can’t he win a jackpot? If an astrologer knows when he is going to die, why can’t he escape death? And if an astrologer knows everything about his own life, why can’t he become a millionaire? There are few common questions that are posted to an astrologer by few supposedly intelligent people. The answer is simple — astrology depends on the law of destiny, and even astrologers are born with a set of karmic limitations. The same way it decides rasi palan (Horoscope) of every person.

An astrologer can succeed in helping a person to make millions in the Stock market but he himself can fail in the same experiment, as his own chart won’t help him with the same amount of money.

You might get a lot of marketing gyaan and business ideas from a MBA HOD, which might work in your case but not his. His job is just to guide you with the best guidance and rest lies on the seeker’s destiny and God’s plan.

Technically the planet Shani (Saturn) is moving into Cancer (sign) in September 2004, this surely will bring in a lot of changes in individual’s life. If you ask me if the change will reflect in each and everyone’s life, then the answer is YES! Whoever is reading this blog will have a change in his/her life. Change doesn’t mean that you will buy a new pair of shoes or you will finally get a new underwear. The change I am talking is about love, marriage, career, and money.

Shani changes its house every 2.5 years, and it has immense importance in astrology compared to other transits.

Based on this technique I had predicted 6 months before that lot of people will be leaving my present organization…and so far 8 have already left that is including my Vice President. And few more will leave by this year-end, and that remains a prediction.

Interestingly the effect of Shani transit starts before 3 months of the real event. It affects individual lives based on the house and planets it is going to transit.

Of course, there were few wrong predictions done by me too. But it is all about consistency, and except God none is perfect!

And here is a prediction for myself. Probably this could be the first time when an astrologer is predicting for himself. Shani Peyarchi 2017 will decide how successful I will be in my new avatar as a professional astrologer, and by God’s grace I will really succeed.

There are 5 important phases an astrologer goes through during his astro career

1. When he voluntarily goes to his friends/relatives/colleagues to get their details and does a reading for them
2. People come on their own after seeing few predictions coming true
3. Existing clients refer to their friends and relatives
4. People start paying for the consultation
5. An astrologer can have his own consultation rates