Successful tips when viewing properties for sale

There are many estate agents who would tell you that most decisions about a property are made within the first 15 seconds of the inspection itself. But let’s get real. This is most probably going to be one of the biggest decisions in your life and will require a huge investment as well. Yes, you might form a first impression about the property in the first 15 seconds, but there is a lot more to explore and understand before you can decide on a property.

To get a clear picture about the property that you are about to purchase, make sure that you go through the following checklist to understand what sort of questions you need to ask and what aspects about the property need verification/ checking.

The Interiors

  • Do you need to update the property? If yes, is the work cosmetic in nature or do you need to get serious work done?
  • Is the property a listed building or the area a conservation area that sets restrictions on making repairs or alterations?
  • What items are included in the sale? Are the furniture and fittings a part of the property being sold?
  • What is the Council Tax rate? Make sure that you check out the average electricity, gas and water bills as well.
  • Is the property big enough to suit your requirements? Are there enough rooms? Will you be able to fit all your furniture?
  • Why is the seller vacating the property?
  • Does the property have central heating? If yes, when was it installed and when was it serviced?
  • Does the property have a loft? If yes, is the loft insulated?
  • Has the property been altered in the past? Are there supporting documents?
  • Does the property show any signs of subsidence? Are there any cracks in the wall? Are all the doors and windows closing properly?
  • Are the windows double glazed?
  • Can you see or smell damp in the property?
  • Can you see any watermarks in the property?
  • Has the seller recently redecorated the property? If yes, was he/ she trying to hide something?
  • Is there enough natural light?
  • Is the property well maintained?
  • And finally, does the property feel like HOME?
A new build could be easier to manage and maintain

The location of the property

As mentioned earlier, the location of a property also plays a huge role in your uninterrupted enjoyment of the property. Make sure that you figure out the answers to the following questions when you go for the first inspection of the property to get an idea about the location and the neighbourhood that the property is located in.

  • What are the various modes of public transportation available?
  • How does the neighbourhood feel like? Do the neighbours and the surrounding buildings seem decent?
  • What is the crime rate in the area?
  • What are the development plans for the neighbourhood?
  • What is the condition of the exteriors of the property?
  • Does the property have additional amenities such as a garden or a car park?
  • How close is the property to restaurants, pubs, main roads, grocery stores and supermarkets?

Remembering the above points will make choosing a home easier.

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