Giniyam Rae — Artistic License, or Selling Sex?

Iraj Weeraratne has released a new music video which is creating some waves in the Sri Lankan digital-sphere.

This guy has been a long time favorite of mine. His painful “J-Town Story”, the hilarious “Kottu Song”, the somewhat satirical “ Gemak Deela” and the cheeky “Policiya” all have something interesting in them. They had a story.

I stopped listening to Sri Lankan songs altogether after 2010 because it was really hard to find songs that actually I can relate to — NO, I don’t relate to boot songs where the girl gets hit by a van and the hero goes insane.

So… Clearly this does not make me the most qualified person to critique local songs, but I do feel like I have something to say about this guy’s latest music — video.

ගිනියම් රෑ — Warm Night?

I’m not here to give a culture and heritage lecture citing sources from historic literature of this great nation, but I am only trying to point out where this artiste has fallen flat on his face with this production.

For starters : this video holds NOTHING back! *wink*

As you can see in the thumbnail, this video contains a rather racy scene involving two pretty young women disrobing each other.

This particular scene has created a lot of discussion among the local social media circles — some, excited lesbian jokes by adolescent guys and grown up men with some adolescence still left in them. And some, not so nice words exchanged between fans of Iraj and some dissenters who seem to disagree with the visual message that is communicated — things get real nasty, real soon.

Watch out for the outrageous comments and see if those profile seem real!

Check this thread from Iraj’s Facebook page

Homosexuality : seems to be a rather controversial and far-fetched subject in Sri Lanka, even in 2016.

With a 90+ percentage literacy rate, you could expect at least some people would read something else in current affairs except bullshit propaganda politicians spew out in the paper loads.

Oh well…

It’s really brave of Iraj to try to touch on themes of homosexuality in his music-video at least.

But what I feel wrong here, is the angle of approach for this extremely sensitive subject.

What’s in this video is no different than what is available in a lesbian porn film, two girls meet and the next thing they’re trying to get into each other’s pants — except maybe for the background music. This is just an antic to sell the skin of the two models in the video to increase his market value in the guise of producing music.

Iraj, if you really are interested in making a social statement to create a meaningful discussion in this country regarding the plight of homosexuals and their rights, there are a million other aspects of life you can touch into from the time they wake up in the morning, their time on the road back until they go back to sleep at night.

Do not cheapen the worth of the two women who agreed to appear on your music video by portraying an artificial, sexed up image of homosexuality. It is much more complex than that.

Why did you use women? Why did you not display two gay males in a compromising position? Is there a thinking behind that?

Mr. Iraj, if you want some inspiration to make a serious song touching sensitive subjects I recommend you “Take Me To church” by Hozier,

Watch and learn how he has tackled the subject.

You became successful in the local music scene by tackling serious issues with the respect and seriousness they needed — I am talking about J-Town Story.

Please do not unnecessarily use incorrectly formulated topics in your videos that make no sense in the entirety of your production.

PS: This may just be my own rambling on this subject. Anyone can disagree on this matter if they want to.